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Buying “Made in USA”, Is it Even Possible?

April 16, 2020

All your textile needs made in USA.

Buying Made in USA, is it even possible?


Hello Friends, Eileen Fleming here, with Fashion Fabrics of America, Inc.


With all the recent drama and the world is virtually shut down a whole lot of people (including me) are advocating stronger than ever that we Americans need to “buy Made in USA”. Many are wondering if that is even possible?


First, if your needs are for fabric yardage for commercial apparel and home dec. the answers definitely Yes!!! Now, I’m talking about large production runs. But with, FFA (Fashion Fabrics of America), we can hook your company up with the best Mills and apparel shops right here in the USA. Please reach out to us to find out how. Please check out our website or drop me a message:


But on the smaller retail side, can the average American consumer, actually buy, Made in USA? The answer is yes, but you have to work for it.  


With this post,  I want to start a series featuring companies and products that are indeed made right here in the great US of A.

ribbon on store shelves
Ribbon made in USA

The first company/product I want to feature is for the home sewist and crafter, Etsy shop owner, etc. When in your local JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, are your local craft and quilting stores please look for the beautiful high-quality ribbons. Ask for Offray! If you need ribbon Offray has what you’re looking for.


Note: Offray’s grosgrain ribbon is a washable and iron safe solution for pandemic face mask ties.


The Berwick Offray company was founded right here in America in 1876. Since then it has been producing its ribbon products right here. Putting American workers to work and supporting America’s economy ever since. For more information on the company check out this link:


To buy on-line check out their website: or visit your local store.


FFA is in no way affiliated with the Berwick Offray company.


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