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I am also a lifetime sewer and lover of prints and fabrics. I can hardly recall a time in my life that I didn’t sew. I spent many a day impatiently waiting my turn at the sewing machine that I shared with my mom and three sisters. On weekends most looked forward to trips to the fabric store. In third grade I remember proudly sporting a lovely pant suit ensemble that I had made on my own. When I wasn’t sewing I was often drawing or painting. Fabric and art are in my soul. I went on to college and studied studio art and theatre.

In the early 90’s I took up quilting as if it were my job. During that time I became skilled at all aspects of quilting. To see some of my quilt work click here: Quilts

Quilting Skills:
• hand piecing
• hand quilting
• hand appliqué
• machine piecing
• machine quilting
• free_motion machine quilting
• free-motion machine embroidery
• paper piecing
• freezer paper appliqué

I feel that I have much to offer the quilt pattern industry because of this knowledge and experience as a quilter.
It was during this time that I started to design my own fabrics, not just work with other people’s deigns.

In 2004 I applied to design school at the University of Cincinnati, DAAP (University of Cincinnati’s college of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning). In 2009 I finally earned my Graphic Design degree.

Graphic Skills:
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Icon development
• branding
• packaging
• book design
• photography

I have spent the last few years taking courses to supplement my above skills with courses in pattern design.

Pattern Skills:
• pattern design
• seamless repeats
• indexing
• trend forecasting/trend boards
• colorways
• business development

Between my art skills, sewing skills, quilting skills, and graphic design skills from a top tier design school. I am uniquely suited as a pattern/textile designer for the quilting industry. I know how to address individual needs of each client to customize designs just for you. I have an extensive portfolio of available designs. I look forward to working with you in the near future. 


Eileen Fleming

To view my portfolio please fill out the Password Request from under the Portfolio menu.

Photo of me If you share my goals and would like to print the graphic you may do so here. My Daily Goals