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About Me: I am a Surface/Pattern Designer with a background in Fine Art, Theatre (NKU), and Graphic Design (UC DAAP).  I love drawing, photography, dance, theatre, hanging out with my boys when they’re available, my puppies (Jill and Cocoa). I am the fourth of eight children that learned team work at an early age on the families dairy farm. I currently serve as leader of a women’s ministry and and graphic designer at Life Church Amelia, east of Cincinnati, OH.

About the Company: I started my company in 2015. I always loved fabric and sewing as well as art and design and surface/pattern design was the perfect fit for me. I work in several mediums in order to create the artwork that’s just right for your product. That includes drawing, painting, photography, ebru, watercolor, print making, as well as straight digital design. I offer original and custom designs for all your design needs; from home and hospitality, decor, quilting, and apparel. If you’re interested in working with me please email me at

Services: Wether you need original artwork, production files, color  ways, graphics, mockups, or technical repeats, I would love to work with you. Pricing sheet is available upon request. All work is agreed upon in a written contract for everyone’s best interests.